About Us

Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Innovation.

Idifarma  is a leading Spanish CDMO since 2001 that provides services to over 100 international pharmaceutical companies
Our main objective is to provide pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services tailored to our clients’ needs.
Thanks to our wide range of services, our high-performance equipment and a strict quality control system, we can offer efficient solutions within set deadlines.

Our Team

Idifarma has a team of more than 130 employees with extensive experience in analytical, formulation, manufacturing and regulatory activities in the pharmaceutical field. 

Technological solutions

Idifarma has wide experience and capacity for all kind of development projects, from generic to innovative drugs, from simple to complex products, including the ability to handle highly potent compounds. It also offers innovative solutions such as Spray Drying.

High potency capabilities

Idifarma’s state of the art GMP-compliant, high containment facility is equipped to develop and manufacture high potency products, specializing in the development and management of such products.

One-Stop Shop Partner

From initial pre-formulation trials up until commercial manufacturing, Idifarma provides all relevant activities during the lifecycle of a pharmaceutical product.


Since 2001, Idifarma has worked with more than 500 APIs and in more than 100 complete drug development projects, creating a deep understanding and knowledge that we share with our clients.

Client oriented

Idifarma does not have its own product portfolio, preferring to focus solely on providing services to its client base, offering agile, flexible and qualitative services to clients, and meeting the deadlines required for each project.

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