Ezetimibe solid dispersions with spray drying

Javier Gurrea, part of the Formulation and Manufacturing department at Idifarma, has been working with a product, Ezetimibe, in which the use of Spray-drying technology has demonstrated important benefits.

Javier, PhD. student of the University of Navarra, has faced a challenge which is common to approximately the 40% of the New Chemical Entities: poor solubility and, consequently, low bioavailability.

This poster was published at the CISDEM event, held in October and, as it is indicated at the introduction of the poster, “the aim of the this study is to define a methodology to develop, scale up and manufacture efficiently, solid dispersions with the objective of improving the solubility of class II drugs”.

Idifarma, has recently invested in this technology with the installation of GEA Niro Mobile Minor equipment in its EU GMP plant located in Pamplona.


This is the latest strategic investment for Idifarma and is driven by significant client demand.

Read his work clicking here!

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