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Improving Bioavailability & Solubility

March, 2020

Spray Drying technology, offered by Idifarma, let turn injectable drugs into oral solid dosages.

Check out here, Drug Development & Delivery.

Spray Drying technology

11th April, 2019

Benefits and applications of Spray Drying techonology explained by our Business Development Director, Manuel Leal, at PharmaTech.

Read all the interview here.

Ongoing trends in the contract pharmaceutical sector

8th April, 2019

Manuel Leal, our Business Development Director, has participated in a CMO roundtable to discuss about the upcoming and ongoing trends in the contract pharmaceutical sector.

Read the interview here.

Idifarma and Palobiofarma together in a new project

26th October, 2018

Idifarma will perform a full pharmaceutical development of Palobiofarma’s new development candidate, the compound PBF-2897.

Check out here to read the story, Manufacturing Chemist.

Spray Dryer technology is operational

2nd October, 2018

Idifarma confirms that GMP spray drying technologies for higlhy potent drugs up to Category 4 OEL/OEB is now operational.

Check out here, Manufacturing Chemist.


6th June, 2018

Idifarma makes serialization investment and offers this service six months ahead of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive’s February 2019 deadline.

Check out here, Contract Pharma.

The latest developments in coatings and capsules

31st May, 2018

Iñaki Bueno, our Pharmaceutical Development Manager, has shared his expertise about the latest developments in coatings and capsules in an interview with EPM Magazine. 

Read the interview here.

Spray Drying services

30th April, 2018

Some weeks ago, we annouced an expansion in our catalog of services offering spray dryer technology for highly pontent drugs, and several media have published the news: in-Pharma Technologist, CPhI online, Pharmaceutical Online, Pharmaceutical Oursourcing, among others.

Check out the story, clicking on each magazine.

Spray Drying for Highly Potent drugs

3rd April, 2018

Idifarma will be one of the very few companies in the world offering spray dryer technology for highly potent drugs up to Category 4 OEL/OEB. All the information has been published in the Magazine World Pharma Today.

Read the story here.

Idifarma makes serialization investment

7th February, 2018

Idifarma has announced its new investment in serialization in order to meet the upcoming EU serialization regulations in Contract Pharma’s Magazine.

Check out here to read the story.

Idifarma offers small high-potency batches

18th January, 2018

“Idifarma’s relatively small size enabled it to be flexible and independent, as well as to offer personal service”, Manuel Leal for Generics Bulletin.

Check out here, December Generics Bulletin.

Idifarma is interviewed in World Pharma Today Magazine

20th December, 2017

Idifarma is asked about its business model, long-term objectives and its last acquisitions in order to increase our capabilities, in World Pharma Today Magazine.

Read the story here.

Opportunities, changes and trends of 2017 in EPM Magazine

20th December, 2017

Our Business Development Director, Manuel Leal, has highlighted the most important oppotunities and changes of the year.

Read the story here.

Idifarma features in this week’s top news stories on CPhI Online – our advice on highly potent APIs, can your CMO handle them?

22nd September, 2017

Manuel Leal, Business Development Director at Idifarma, shares his insight to help companies navigate their way through this potentially tricky course.

Read the story here.

Idifarma in September’s Contract Pharma

14th September, 2017

Idifarma made the cover story of Contract Pharma Magazine.

Read the story here.

Idifarma is the cover story of Pharmaceutical Processing Managize

1st August, 2017

Idifarma is the cover story in the July/August issue of Pharmaceutical Processing Magazine, with a detailed analysis of our company’s history, achievements, strategy and future prospects.

Read the whole story here.

Contract manufacturing roundtable

Idifarma participated in a CMO roundtable to share its insights into successful contract manufacturing strategies in April and May issues of Manufacturing Chemist magazine.

Part One: April, 2017

Part Two: May, 2017

Manufacturing Process Transfers in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Best Practice Approach

14th March, 2017

Iñaki Bueno writes in the magazine Pharmaceutical Processing an interesting article about one of the key stages in a pharmaceutical development project: the process transfer.

Read the article here.

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Oral Solid Dosage Outsourcing: Trends & Challenges

7th March, 2017

Manuel Leal, our Business Development Director, highlights in the Magazine “Contract Pharma” the opportunities and challenges offered by the niche products market and Idifarma’s strategic position to adapt to it.

Read the article here.

Key Considerations in Capsule Filling

2nd March, 2017

Our Pharmaceutical Development Manager Iñaki Bueno shares his expertise on Key Considerations in Capsule Filling, magazine Pharmaceutical Technology

Read the article here.

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Perspectives for 2017

Our Business Development Director, Manuel Leal, gave his opinion about 2017 perspectives to the magazine European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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Both small and large CMOs to benefit from pharma capacity and agility demands


Small CMOs could be very flexible and provide comprehensive solutions in the challenges of manufacturing small volumes, as we discussed in magazine In-Pharma Technologist.

Read the article here.

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