Idifarma invests in value-added technologies in order to offer suitable solutions to our clients’ projects.

For instance, our GMP facilities as well as our formulation and analytical development laboratories have specific areas to handle highly potent compounds such as cytotoxics. Most of the products we develop for our clients today involve highly potent APIs, and Idifarma is acknowledged in the market as a specialized CDMO for potent drugs.

Another example of differentiating technological solution is our investment in Spray Drying equipment as a suitable technology to solve low solubility or bioavailability problems, which are becoming more and more common. We have lab-scale and pilot-scale equipment that allow us to provide a comprehensive development service to our clients, from pre-formulation trials with a few milligrams to the scale-up to kilograms. We have also invested in specific analytical equipment for low soluble drugs like flow-through cell dissolution equipment.

Finally, we are very experienced in the development of tablets with complex coatings, and for that we have coating equipment with interchangeable drums. We can also manufacture with organic as well as water solvents.

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